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 · 상품명 Charmseekers 시리즈
 · 출판사 Orion Publishing Group Ltd
 · 저자/출판일 Amy Tree / 2009-03-01
 · 크기/형태 130*195mm / Paperback
 · 페이지수 71
 · ISBN ISBN-10 : 1842556509 / ISBN-13 : 9781842556504
 · 시리즈뷰
 · 간단리뷰 평범한 소녀의 환상적인 모험이 이제 시작 됩니다.
 · 출고예상일 3일 내 출고가능(업무일 기준, 금요일 오후~일요일 주문 도서는 화요일 출고 가능)
표지 Level 제목 정가 할인가 적립금 수량 전체선택
[품절] Charmseekers - 01 : the Queen's Bracelet 10,000원 9,000(10%↓) 450원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 01 : the Queen's Bracelet (Book+CD) 18,000원 16,200(10%↓) 810원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 02 : The Silver Pool 10,000원 9,000(10%↓) 450원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 02 : The Silver Pool (Book+CD) 18,000원 16,200(10%↓) 810원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 03 : The Dragon's Revenge 10,000원 9,000(10%↓) 450원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 03 : The Dragon's Revenge (Book+CD) 18,000원 16,200(10%↓) 810원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 04 : A Tale of Two Sisters 9,000원 8,100(10%↓) 405원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 05 : The Fragile Force 10,000원 9,000(10%↓) 450원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 06 : The Stolen Goblet 9,000원 8,100(10%↓) 405원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 07 : The Magic Crystals 10,000원 9,000(10%↓) 450원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 08 : Secret Treasure 10,000원 9,000(10%↓) 450원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 09 : Star Island 10,000원 9,000(10%↓) 450원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 10 : The Stolen Goblet 10,000원 9,000(10%↓) 450원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 11 : The Mirror of Deception 10,000원 9,000(10%↓) 450원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 12 : Zorgan and the Gorsemen 10,000원 9,000(10%↓) 450원(5%)   품절
[품절] Charmseekers - 13 : The Last Portal 10,000원 9,000(10%↓) 450원(5%)   품절

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When Charm became Queen of Karisma, the Silversmith made her a precious gift. A bracelet. On it are fastened 13 silver amulets, called 'charms' in honour of the new queen. The bracelet is magic with the power to control the forces of nature and keep everything in balance. As long as Queen Charm, and she alone, has possession of the bracelet all will be well. And so it was until Zorgan, the evil magician, stole the bracelet and scattered the charms far and wide. Then there was chaos! Meanwhile, in our world (the 'Outworld' to Karismans), Sesame Brown is waiting to go shopping with her best friend Maddy. Little does she know she's about to be whisked away on the adventure of a lifetime. She's about to become a Charmseeker. Ses suddenly finds herself in a strange new land with castles and forests, princesses and magicians, the friendly tunganoras, Hob and Fig, and the less friendly gribblers. The race is on to find the charms and Sesame is determined to win. Charmingly written stories,appealing characters, a beautifully imagined world with its own language - plus a silver charm to add to your bracelet with each book. Collect them all and complete the bracelet.
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